iOS Apprenticeship

Job description

Lickability is a small software studio in NYC building iOS apps with clients like MeetupThe AtlanticAloe BudHouseparty, and more. We've also created a few of our own apps, Pinpoint and Accelerator.


We’re hiring an iOS Apprentice to work in our NYC office for 3 months, with the potential for full-time employment as an iOS Engineer at the end of the program. This is a full-time, $23.50/hour position for anyone with a basic understanding of Swift who is looking to get their foot in the door and learn how to write shippable, production-level apps.


At Lickability, collaboration is key. As an iOS Apprentice, you’ll have the opportunity to learn side-by-side with teammates in pair programming sessions and weekly lectures about software engineering topics, participate in code review with other engineers, and work with a mentor to improve your programming ability over time.


The deadline to apply to this position is April 30.

What is an apprenticeship?

It's not quite an entry-level or junior position, and not quite an internship—which means you don't need years of experience to apply, and you don't need to be a current college student. Ideally, you've already started learning the foundations of iOS development and are eager to learn more.

This apprenticeship is a full-time onsite position, paid hourly, and lasts for 3 months. At the end of that 3 months, we hope to bring you onto our team as an iOS Engineer (complete with benefits and a salary commensurate with your skill level) or help you find a job elsewhere in the field.


Working at Lickability

Our office is open, casual, and comfortable. That means flexible working hours, easy collaboration with teammates, and plenty of space to stretch out and think. It also means access to plenty of coffee, snacks, and drinks—and the occasional pizza for company game nights! Plus, you have the freedom to work from home if you need to.

We support each other. Our team is focused on helping each other learn and grow. What does this mean in practice? Weekly 1:1 meetings with your manager, an office full of whiteboards, Wednesday morning group learning sessions, and an environment that encourages asking questions. While pair programming with a teammate is always an option, we know it isn't for everyone—so we make sure there are plenty of less-stressful ways to learn and collaborate as well.

Lickability Fridays are our favorite days of the week. While Monday–Thursday is dedicated to client work, Fridays are for focusing on internal projects. We kick off Lickability Fridays with our weekly [Everybody Meeting], followed by team lunch and an afternoon of working on company products like our in-house style guide or a future to-be-announced app.

Inclusivity is important to us. Our team, like much of the tech industry, is lacking diversity—we want to do better. So far, our efforts include researching and implementing more inclusive recruiting methods, company-wide diversity and bias training, and sponsoring community conferences like try! Swift—and we're always looking for and considering other ways of promoting inclusivity at our company. We’re actively working on making Lickability a friendly and welcoming place to work for everyone.That could be you!


Our application process

Our application process has three steps: a phone screen, a take-home project, and an interview.

  • Phone screen: A quick conversation, typically lasting about 20–30 minutes, to help us get a basic understanding of your skills and personality and allow you to ask us any questions you have about the company or the hiring process.
  • Take-home project: A simple code test relevant to the skills we’re looking for where you can show us what you consider to be your best work. The project can be completed on your own time and has no time limit.
  • In-person interview: The interview is split into three parts, and will take roughly three hours. First, we’ll ask you questions about the code test and go over your Swift knowledge. Then, we’ll take you out to lunch so you can get to know us better, ask us questions, and see if you’d be a good addition to the team. We know that interviews can be stressful, so we’ll do our best to create a friendly, supportive environment that feels closer to what it’s like to actually work here—you are encouraged to ask questions, look up documentation, and Google answers to questions as needed.



  • Experience writing and running Swift code in Xcode
  • Completion of Swift Playgrounds “Learn to Code” courses 1–3
  • Attention to detail and strong commitment to learning
  • Comfort working closely with teammates and mentors
  • A positive, thoughtful attitude and willingness to make our workspace better every day